Codex Document Storage

Put company's internal normative acts and documentation in the database
and benefit with flexible searching and document managment system.

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What will you get

Comprehensive and easy to use search system

Searching with and combination of multiple parameters

Document History

History managment and access managment

Document Formats

Document could be in Word or in PDF (incuding scaned version)

Document Links

Links between the documents

Codex DS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between a Codex and a Codex DS ?

Codex is a legal acts database of Georgia. And the Georgian Microsystems puts documents in it. Codex DS is a solution where documents in the database is owned and fully managed by enterprise

2. How the system Codex DS is licensed ?

Codex DS has dual license:

Note: Code for both version are same

3. How to use Codex DS Open source Edition

Codex DS published on github . Download and use it for free under the General Public License version 3 License.

Codex DS depends on the commercial component, Not the commercial component, nor its license distributed with our source code.

Prohibited: Use of the software code for commercial purposes without the prior consent of Georgian Microsystems

4. Is Codex DS still development

The company continues to develop and support the Codex DS. Subsequent versions of the product (based on version 1.x) will also be open source

5. What is the difference between paid and free open source licensing?

კომერციულ ლიცენზიაში:

6. How to buy

System Codex DS can be purchased from us

7. How Long Codex DS will be supported

As long as nessesory, whith corporate contract

8. I have a different question!

Please write to us