Codex DS Downloads

Codex DS Downloads

Codex DS source code is on gitHub

Codex Document Storage

Current versions

DS 1.10

Supported Version

  • Current versions, software code is developed and updated

Codex Document Storage

Old, unsupported versions

Codex DS versions (1.2 - 1.9)

Note: The code has a dependency on certain commercial components. Licensing of these components is your prerogative

Codex DS source code is licensed under AGPL 3 means:

Images, logos and software source code are protected by copyright. You may not use the source code for commercial purposes (without prior agreement with the Company)

You can use it both individually and within the organization for free. You can modify the code as per your wish, you can add functionality

Minimal System requriements

Codex DS Server
Codex DS Server Minimal Requrements
OS Windows Server 2019 or better
SQL Server SQL Server 2019/2022 Standard

Codex DS 1.9 Client
Codex DS Client Minimal Requrements
OS Windows 10 (20H2 or better)
Disk 200 MB